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Do you need help applying for a grant or writing a grant application?


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No matter what stage of the grants journey your business is at, we can help you with your next project.

With more than a decade’s worth of specialisation in government grants, we know what the assessors are looking for, and how to present your business in its best light.

So whether you’re completely new to the process, or you already have a grant in mind, you can have full confidence that you’re getting the best service from our expert grant consultants.

We also offer grant strategy assistance, and bespoke solutions—we can tailor our service to your requirements.

GrantHelper works with businesses of all sizes across all industries. We help you find, apply for, and secure government funding.

Explore our full range of grant writing and strategy services below.

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Finding a grant

The first step on any grant application is finding the right grant.

We find grants for businesses who:

  • Have seen or heard about others receiving grants
  • Want to explore new funding options for their business
  • Are curious about the benefits of government grants
  • Don’t know where to begin with applying for grants
  • Want to learn more about how grants work

Our Winning Grants Process is designed to take all the hard work and effort off your plate and place it in our expert hands.

At GrantHelper, we’re in the know with the latest news in grant opportunities across all sectors.

When you engage us to find a grant for your business, we’ll hunt down the most relevant funding programs for your business, and send them to you for your review.

GrantHelper will keep you up to date with grants that your business can realistically win.

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Writing a grant application

If you have a specific grant you’d like to apply for, we can help you to write the strongest possible application.

We know from experience that winning applications:

  • Present a compelling business case
  • Are clearly written with concise responses
  • Include specific details, budgets, and supporting documentation
  • Ensure each and every question is answered thoroughly
  • Are submitted as early as possible—always before the deadline

Our grant writing services are for businesses that:

  • Already have a specific grant they want to apply for
  • Have written a submission before and been unsuccessful
  • Have a defined plan for an expansion or investment project
  • Are willing and able to deliver on a grant project

A winning grant application starts with having the correct alignment between your business and the grant opportunity.

Many business owners think that writing the application will be easy, and thus they leave it to the last minute.

Unfortunately, that isn’t going to result in a winning outcome.

We work with businesses to take the guesswork out of the application process, and provide certainty that your application is in our capable hands.

We’ll ensure your application is properly aligned and worded, and that it includes all the right details, presented in a compelling manner.

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Developing a grant strategy

Having a clear strategy can be the difference between successfully securing funding and missing out on a great opportunity.

Our grant strategy services are designed for businesses who:

  • Have an established presence within their sector
  • Want to leverage grant funding to support their growth strategy, or enable rapid growth
  • Are considering multiple expansion and investment options
  • Need assistance with aligning a project idea to current grant opportunities
  • Need help creating a longer term strategy involving multiple grants over time

Your grant strategy will shape your projects every step of the way. From selecting the right grants, to crafting your applications and developing your business cases.

Whether you need an all-new grant strategy, or you have an existing strategy and you’re looking for a fresh set of eyes and a full review, we can help you to create or refine a plan that you can rely on as you take your next step with grants.

I am looking for something a bit different…

Bespoke grant and management services

Have a project or funding requirement that’s a bit outside the box?

GrantHelper’s bespoke services include:

  • Project management coordination
  • Business case development
  • Business growth planning and facilitation
  • Financial modelling and options analysis

Have a big idea you want to bring to life, or a big problem that needs solving? Speak to us today to discuss a bespoke solution.

We can tailor our expertise to your immediate priority and provide a custom solution. We’ll work closely with you to determine the best course of action for your business, and offer our skills as an additional resource for your organisation. Giving you more capacity to deliver on your day-to-day priorities.

How it works

Grant Helper offers a range of grant application assistance and grant writing services to businesses of all sizes. We’ve worked with small businesses, medium and large-sized organisations, and long-established companies to assist them as their very own grant sherpa—guiding them through their journey.

No grant application is considered too small or too large. Our service charges will depend on the scale and complexity of your project. To learn more about pricing, contact GrantHelper today.

Want to learn more about our process? Discover our Winning Grants Process. We offer an end-to-end management approach that helps your business to plan and implement winning grant projects.

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