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Queensland Jobs Fund


The Queensland Jobs Fund (QJF) is a $3.34 billion dollar fund and is one of the state’s flagship initiatives in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The fund is part of Queensland’s economic recovery plan. The Jobs Fund makes up around one quarter of the $14.2 billion in initiatives provided by the government to support the state’s economic recovery and keep Queenslanders working.

Current status of program


To register your interest in future rounds or discuss alternative grant opportunities please contact us here.

Let’s take a look at each of them.

Made in Queensland (1/9)

Supporting the ‘sustain and maintain’ element of the Queensland Jobs Fund, Made in Queensland (MiQ) helps manufacturers to innovate and increase their competitiveness.

This is a $61.5 million grant program aimed at helping SMEs to adopt new technologies, support existing jobs, create new highly skilled jobs, and increase onshoring and reshoring of key manufacturing activities.

Made in Queensland is part of Queensland’s Advanced Manufacturing 10 Year Roadmap and Action Plan.

Who is this grant for and what do you get?

In the most recent round, round 4, eligible manufacturers were able to apply for grants of between $50,000–$2.5 million, as a reimbursement for up to 50% of eligible project costs.

Eligible manufacturing projects in regional Queensland up to a value of $500,000 may be considered for a subsidy of up to 75%.

Grant projects will be allocated following a two-stage competitive selection process.

Projects must support MiQ’s program objectives, and facilitate:

  • innovative Industry 4.0 integrated systems, processes, and strategies
  • adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies such as robotics
  • the Reshoring or Onshoring of functions for Critical Industries

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for a Made in Queensland grant, your organisation must:

  • be a Queensland-based business whose principal activity and majority annual turnover is derived from manufacturing, as defined under Division C of the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC), 2006
  • be registered for GST and hold an active Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • be an SME with between five and 200 full-time equivalent employees located in Queensland
  • have a proposed Eligible Project (that meets the requirements set out in Section 2.4 of the grant guidelines) and be able to demonstrate that the applicant is in a position to verify/validate the details, expected effectiveness and outcomes of the proposed Eligible Project if the applicant progresses to Stage 2 (Detailed Application)
  • have the financial capacity and standing necessary to conduct the proposed Eligible Project recognising that the grant payments are made in arrears
  • not have, and must not be an Associated Entity that has, received (or be about to receive) funding under the MIQ Program that in aggregate exceeds, or will exceed $2.5 million
  • not have made, and must not be an Associated Entity that has made, an application under Round 4 of the MIQ Program that in aggregate exceeds, or will exceed $2.5 million
  • not be insolvent or have owners or directors that are an undischarged bankrupt; and
  • not be a federal, state or local government entity, statutory authority or special purpose vehicle or not for-profit organisation.

Learn more about Made in Queensland

Check out the Queensland Government’s Made in Queensland page to learn more about this grant.

Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program (2/9)

Another of the QJF’s ‘sustain and maintain’ grants, Manufacturing Hubs is aimed at increasing manufacturing capabilities in some of Queensland’s key regional areas. The government has manufacturing hubs offering localised services in:

  • Cairns
  • Gladstone
  • Gold Coast
  • Mackay
  • Rockhampton
  • Townsville

Each hub has access to up to $4.5 million to deliver a variety of services covering business development, skills and training development, and increasing awareness of advanced manufacturing.

Business development services include:

  • Benchmarking
  • LEAN manufacturing workshops
  • Introduction to digital technology workshops
  • Assistance with grant writing
  • Business-to-business mentoring and networking, Mentoring for Growth
  • Improving supply chain capability
  • Sustainability seminars
  • Assistance to increase access to national and international markets

Skills development and training programs include:

  • Coordinated access to existing and emerging trade and professional skills
  • Improved access between business and research
  • Support for industry recognised skills and certifications

Awareness of advanced manufacturing services include:

  • Technology demonstration days
  • Industry 4.0 seminars
  • Virtual and physical tours of advanced manufacturing businesses
  • Hosting of international experts in advanced manufacturing
  • Events and workshops on advanced manufacturing, automation, robotics, Internet of Things

Learn more about Queensland’s Manufacturing Hubs program

Contact your local Manufacturing Hubs provider to learn more about potential opportunities. A full list of providers can be found on the Regional Manufacturing Hubs page.

Industry Partnership Program (3/9)

The Industry Partnership Program is a $350 million fund that supports both the ‘sustain and maintain’ and ‘enhance and grow’ elements of the Queensland Jobs Fund.

This fund will be invested over four years, and is focussed on investing in growth and job creation across some of Queensland’s priority sectors, including:

  • advanced manufacturing
  • hydrogen
  • biofutures
  • biomedical
  • defence
  • aerospace
  • space
  • resource recovery
  • mining, equipment, technology and services (METS)

Follow the link to find out more about Queensland’s priority industries.

This fund has five key objectives:

  • maintain, enhance, and grow industry, including employment, within priority industry sectors by:
    • maintaining the existing industry footprint in industries or locations of strategic importance
    • expanding the existing industry footprint
  • develop and strengthen supply chain capability
  • increase the number and/or value of new and existing employment opportunities in Queensland
  • increase private sector investment
  • encourage partnership and collaboration between industries and companies along the supply chain.

Who is this grant for and what do you get?

Unlike many grants, this program is delivered dynamically depending on the applicant. A range of assistance is available, including:

  • financial incentives such as:
    • cash reimbursement grants
    • interest-free or concessional loans
  • fiscal incentives such as:
    • payroll tax reimbursements and relief from other State fees and charges
  • case management for individual high-value and complex projects to assist with facilitating approval processes, whole-of-government liaison, and coordination of infrastructure requirements
  • leveraging government assets such as infrastructure and land, and considering rental assistance (e.g. peppercorn lease)
  • leveraging government procurement where appropriate by entering into product supply and offtake arrangements
  • supply chain coordination and assistance, such as business capability development, business and supplier matching
  • leveraging external co-funding programs to maximise support available to projects
  • advocacy such as policy and strategy development, major project development, government liaison, marketing and promotion, and research

This is a competitive grant opportunity with an emphasis on delivering value for money for the QLD Government. Your application should demonstrate the measurable financial, commercial, or other benefits of your project to the state.

The Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning will work with applicants to determine the appropriate mix of financial and non-financial support for your project.

Eligibility criteria


To be eligible for assistance, your organisation must:

  • be a legal entity and hold an active Australian Business Number or Australian Registered Body Number
  • have obtained internal approval to make the application, including approval to co-fund all project costs not covered by financial assistance provided through the program
  • have the financial ability to deliver the project
  • have a history of regulatory compliance, including development and environmental approvals, Corporations Act 2001, competition and consumer legislation and industrial relations legislation.

And your project must:

  • be located in Queensland or have tangible benefits for Queensland
  • have a minimum total project cost of $200,000 which can be either operational or capital costs
  • be unlikely to proceed at this time without assistance, or demonstrate that stages will be brought forward
  • not have already commenced.

The following entities are not eligible:

  • local governments
  • sole traders
  • family partnerships
  • start-ups

The grant encourages collaborative project applications including participation of local governments, industry partnerships or regional and industry groups. A single lead organisation must submit the application on behalf of the group.

Learn more about the Industry Partnership Program

Find out more about this program and how to apply by reading the program guidelines and following the steps on the Industry Partnership Program page.

Queensland Recycling Modernisation Fund (4/9)

The Queensland Recycling Modernisation Fund is part of the Resource Recovery Initiative. This grant supports the ‘enhance and grow’ aspect of the Queensland Jobs Fund and helps to achieve key targets of the National Waste Policy Action Plan.

The Recycling Modernisation Fund totals $40 million, with $20 million each contributed by the Federal and Queensland Governments respectively.

Funds are used to address gaps in Queensland’s waste management capabilities and invest in infrastructure expansions.

Who is this grant for and what do you get?

Note: the following information and guidelines are taken from the July 2021 round of funding for the QRMF and are indicative only.

This fund seeks to attract private sector investment in recycling infrastructure. Key areas of interest include:

  • sorting, processing and remanufacture of waste plastic, paper and cardboard, tyres and glass
  • facilitating waste avoidance
  • landfill diversion (including stockpile diversion/reduction)
  • recycling activities

There is also a focus on funding projects that:

  • create jobs (particularly in regional areas)
  • create economic development opportunities
  • will build a stronger onshore recycling industry by developing new domestic markets for recycled materials

The minimum funding request is $100,000 (excl. GST).

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible, your organisation must:

  • be a legal entity* with an active Australian Business Number (ABN) or Australian Registered Body Number (ARBN)
  • propose capital investment in resource recovery facilities and infrastructure to be located in Queensland
  • have obtained internal approval** to make the application, including approval to co-fund the project to at least 50 per cent of the eligible capital costs, before applying for a grant
  • have the financial and technical capacity to deliver the project
  • have a history of effective regulatory compliance

* The organisation may be a business, local government (including local government owned/controlled organisations) or a not-for-profit or non-government organisation. You may also be in the process of establishing a business for the purpose of launching a resource recovery project. Only one application will be accepted per organisation, including where you are the lead for a joint application.

** For local government applicants, this will be an endorsement of the project from elected members or relevant financial delegate. For other organisations, this may require sign-off from executive management or the board.

To be eligible, your project must:

  • be located in Queensland
  • recycle waste plastics, mixed and unsorted paper and cardboard, unprocessed glass or whole used tyres that
  • are currently being landfilled or recovered to low value outlets
  • increase the capacity for domestic sorting, processing, recycling and remanufacturing of materials
  • deliver new or improved resource recovery infrastructure
  • use only technology and equipment that have successfully demonstrated commercial capability nationally or internationally
  • be completed by 30 June 2024.

The following types of projects are not eligible:

  • energy from waste projects
  • landfill projects – construction of new landfills or landfill cells, improvement of existing landfills (excluding source separation equipment), new landfill equipment, capping of landfills or rehabilitation of legacy landfills
  • projects that have already commenced or are planned to commence regardless of financial support from government, for example:
    • your organisation is already contracted to provide the resource recovery infrastructure or service thai is proposed, or to supply the recovered resources that are proposed to be produced by the project
    • funding has been approved and committed to the project regardless of the financial incentive
    • construction has commenced or contracts have been executed for supply / construction of the facility
  • projects not directly resulting in new infrastructure investment, for example education and behaviour change
  • programs, market development, strategy development, and feasibility studies
  • projects already funded by grants for the same project costs
  • projects dealing with waste streams outside of those stipulated under the program objectives.

Learn more about the Queensland Recycling Modernisation Fund

Find out more about this grant over on the Queensland Government’s Recycling Modernisation Fund page.

Building Acceleration Fund (5/9)

The Building Acceleration Fund was a co-investment fund for Queensland local governments, utility providers, developers, and industry. The fund provided interest-free loans to invest in infrastructure that:

  • unlocks development
  • generates construction activity
  • creates long-term employment.

The fund was initially closed in September 2020. In July 2021 as part of the Industry Partnership Program, another $43 million was announced for additional short-listed projects identified through the Building Acceleration Fund evaluation process.

No commitment to further funding rounds has been made by the Queensland Government for this grant.

Learn more about the Building Acceleration Fund

Check out the Queensland Government’s Building Acceleration Fund page to find out more about this grant.

Hydrogen Industry Development Fund (HIDF) (6/9)

Investing in hydrogen as a clean and sustainable energy source contributes to the ‘enhance and grow’ element of the Queensland Jobs Fund.

The Hydrogen Industry Development Fund (HIDF) supports the Queensland Hydrogen Industry Strategy, which focuses on:

  • supporting innovation
  • facilitating private sector investment
  • ensuring an effective policy framework
  • building community awareness and confidence
  • facilitating skills development for new technology.

A number of developmental projects have so far been funded in two rounds in 2019 and 2021.

Previously funded projects

In 2019, the following projects were approved:

  • Australian Gas Networks Limited – up to $1.78 million to build a renewable hydrogen production facility and undertake a gas blending trial of up to 10% hydrogen into the Gladstone City gas distribution network.
  • Jilrift Pty Limited – up to $0.94 million to build a renewable hydrogen plant and demonstrate use of low-pressure hydride remote power systems at its eco-camps within the Spicers Resorts Scenic Rim trail.
  • Sun Metals Corporation – up to $5 million for integration of renewable hydrogen into potential applications including remote area power, transport and heavy industry.
  • University of Queensland – up to $4.85 million to build a renewable hydrogen plant and refuelling facility to service inter-campus hydrogen buses between St Lucia and Gatton.

The second funding round closed in June 2021. Recipients were unannounced at time of writing.

Learn more about the Hydrogen Industry Development Fund

Follow the link to learn more about the Hydrogen Industry Development Fund.

Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Jobs Fund (7/9)

The Queensland Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Jobs Fund supports the Queensland Jobs Fund’s ‘enhance and grow’ and ‘attract and invest’ elements.

This is a $2 billion fund for government-owned corporations that can present an investment proposal that details their project’s alignment to key objectives, including:

Renewable energy and hydrogen

  • The fund will consider investment proposals that support additional renewable energy generation and storage capacity in Queensland, and the transition to Queensland’s 50 per cent Renewable Energy Target by 2030. This includes, but is not limited to, solar, wind, pumped hydroelectric storage, hydrogen and supporting network infrastructure.


  • Investment proposals must demonstrate commercial value.

Employment and jobs

  • Investments must create new and ongoing employment opportunities in Queensland consistent with the government’s employment and procurement policies.

Further details about the next round of funding will be shared as they become available.

Learn more about the Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Jobs Fund

Check out the Queensland Government’s page to learn more bout the Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Jobs Fund.

Backing Queensland Business Investment Fund (8/9)

The Backing Queensland Business Investment Fund program includes the $100 million Business Investment Fund.

This grant supports the Queensland Jobs Fund’s ‘enhance and grow’ and ‘attract and invest’ elements. The fund is focussed on providing capital investments to quality Queensland businesses who are looking to create jobs.

This fund targets commercial returns to offset any debt incurred by the state in borrowing, so it is an investment opportunity and is not a grant.

Who is this investment for and what do you get?

The Business Investment fund is administered by QIC and is aimed at SMEs that:

  • create Queensland-based jobs
  • have a proven product and an established market presence with significant growth potential
  • are beyond proof of concept and are generally profitable or approaching profitability
  • are seeking capital to expand or restructure operations, enter new markets, or finance significant acquisition, and
  • have well established and reputable owners who are committed to growing the business from and in Queensland.

The BIF will invest directly in businesses seeking between $2.5 million to $10 million in funding. Investments are available to businesses with an established presence and product offering.This is an investment in your business, not a grant or a loan.

Eligibility criteria

The BIF is for businesses that:

  • have a proven product/offering and an established market presence
  • are approaching profitability over the investment period
  • are seeking investment of between $2.5 to $10 million
  • have a current or planned Queensland-based presence (i.e. Queensland-based FTE)
  • have significant growth potential and job creation opportunities

The BIF is not for:

  • businesses at proof-of-concept stage without an established market presence
  • companies without a current or planned Queensland-based presence (i.e. Queensland-based FTE)
  • taking controlling equity stakes
  • investment in companies conducting financial services as defined by ASIC
  • construction, property development or ownership (other than property or construction technologies)

Learn more about the Backing Queensland Business Investment Fund

You can learn more about this fund on the Backing Queensland Business Investment page. To find out more about the application process or to express interest, visit QIC’s BIF page.

Invested in Queensland program (9/9)

Queensland’s Treasury department offers incentives as part of its Invested in Queensland program. These incentives support the Queensland Jobs Fund’s ‘attract and invest’ element.

Identifying and enabling opportunities for high impact projects and sustainable job creation are at the core of the Invested in Queensland program.

Financial incentives are available to medium and large businesses that can deliver projects with significant economic benefits to Queensland. Facilitation is available to accelerate project development and help remove barriers to delivery.

There are two financial incentive schemes and one non-financial facilitation scheme available.

Strategic Investment Scheme: tailored assistance packages

The scheme is targeted towards industry segments of strategic value based on Queensland’s natural and competitive strengths. Learn more about the Queensland Government’s priority industry sectors.

The Strategic Investment Scheme (SIS) has four key investment objectives:

  • attract projects linked to the State’s natural and competitive advantages
  • leverage significant additional private sector investment
  • create ongoing employment opportunities in Queensland priority sectors as well as their related supply chains
  • promote regional economic diversity and prosperity.

There are two general categories of financial assistance available:

  • cash grants for tangible capital-related expenses incurred in implementing the project in Queensland and
  • rebates for payroll tax and other state charges.

In exceptional circumstances, concessional loans or tailored support may be provided.

Eligibility overview

To be eligible for this scheme, you’ll need to prove you have a project that creates jobs and investment and offers significant economic and supply chain benefits to Queensland.

You will also need to provide evidence that demonstrates your organisation’s ability to deliver your project from a management, financial, and technical perspective. These are just some of the criteria you will need to meet. Reading the guidelines in full is strongly recommended.

Learn more about the Strategic Investment Scheme

Find out more about eligibility by reading the grant guidelines for the Strategic Investment Scheme.

Investment Support Scheme: payroll tax rebates

The Investment Support Scheme (ISS) has four key objectives:

  • attract projects linked to the State’s natural and competitive advantages
  • leverage significant additional private sector investment
  • create ongoing employment opportunities in priority sectors and related supply chains
  • promote regional economic diversity and prosperity.

Financial assistance is typically offered as:

  • payroll tax rebates
  • land tax and/or
  • transfer duty rebates.

Assistance will be determined on a case-by-case basis and provided for a defined term, usually five years. As a guide, payroll tax rebates may be:

  • up to 50 per cent for projects based in South East Queensland
  • up to 80 per cent for projects located outside of South East Queensland.

Eligibility overview

To be eligible for this scheme, you’ll need to be planning a project where there are contestable options for the project site location. Meaning, you’ll need to show a Queensland location, and at least one other viable Australian or international location that is also under consideration.

Reading the guidelines for this scheme is strongly recommended. The link is below.

Learn more about the Investment Support Scheme

Read the grant guidelines to find out more about eligibility and see if your business is a  good fit for the Investment Support Scheme.

Investment Facilitation Scheme

The Investment Facilitation Scheme helps businesses to engage with governments and remove barriers to project delivery. There is a range of facilitation support available, including:

  • Providing business case information addressing:
    • project requirements
    • business costs
    • skills availability and other investment drivers
  • Identifying suitable site options
  • Streamlining approvals and access to Queensland Government contacts
  • Coordinating pre-lodgement meetings and providing advice
  • Introductions to partners like universities and other training organisations
  • Investigation of potential funding pathways.

Learn more about the Investment Facilitation scheme

Have a proposal ready to put forward for the Investment Facilitation scheme? Enquire via the Queensland Government’s page.

Learn more about the Queensland Jobs Fund opportunity

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