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Grant Applications Simplified

We Help Your Business Secure Government Grants of Six Figures or More Through our Three-Step Winning Grants Strategy


Do you face any of these challenges with grants?


I don't know where to find grants

I don't know where to find grants

Have you ever missed out on funding because you didn’t even know it was available until after the fact?

We stay updated with the latest funding opportunities, and we’ll find the best grants for your business—quickly. No more missing out.

I don't have time to coordinate the submission

I don't have time to coordinate the submission

A winning grant application takes planning, coordination, motivation, and priority setting.

It isn’t your business to spend all day working on grants. But at GrantHelper, that’s exactly what we do.

I don't have ability to write the application

I don't have ability to write the application

Short on time? It’s tempting to push your grant writing tasks to the bottom of your to-do list. But doing this will result in a rushed, poor-quality application.

We know last-minute applications almost never succeed. So don’t waste your time on a weak application—speak to us about our grant writing services.

Could your business use a helping hand?

The fastest, most convenient and affordable grant consulting services in Australia

We specialise in helping businesses secure government grants of six figures or more through our three-step Winning Grants Strategy.

Watch the 2-minute video to find out how GrantHelper helps businesses like yours to plan and submit winning submissions that secure funding

Government grants made easy

Government grants can give your business the financial support it needs to bring growth plans to life, create new jobs, and deliver innovative and impactful projects. Funding also helps to mitigate financial risk and alleviate pressure on your business’s cash flow. But first, you’ll need to convince the assessors that your business is worth investing in.

That’s where GrantHelper comes in.

We find the most winnable grants for your business, develop your plan, and write and submit your application. Let’s work together to put your best foot forward and put you in position to win.

Our Winning Grants Process

A good strategy guides each step of your grant application, making the process quick and efficient. For over 10 years, we’ve used our process to help hundreds of businesses win millions of dollars’ worth of Government funding.

Our Winning Grants Process contains three steps: Discovery, Compose, Submit.



We start by getting to know your business and creating your tailor-made grant application.

First, we find your best grant opportunity—or assess your plans if you have a grant in mind. Then we get to work on your business case.



In step two, we compile all the required financial information and technical details. 

Then we develop clear and concise responses to every question, ensuring the responses meet all criteria, and everything is laid out just how the assessors would like it.



Before we submit, we conduct final checks and make a full review of your submission content to confirm that everything is as it should be. 

This final step can also include any post-submission reporting that needs to be made down the track.

Your Grant Helper

Steve Dowling

Steve Dowling has worked with businesses all over Australia on business strategy, and helping them to craft winning grant applications.

He has extensive experience in business case preparation, strategic planning, and project management. These skills help businesses at all stages of their journey to evolve, grow, and prosper.


I enjoy hiking and have been lucky to visit Nepal several times. I would never consider hiking around the Nepalese Alps without a guide—a Sherpa—for they know how to traverse the difficult landscape. The Sherpa keeps me safe and secure, and on track to succeed. In this same way, as your Grant Helper, consider me your guide, your Sherpa for achieving success with grants.

—Steve Dowling, Founder & Director

Grant Application Insights

Featured Grants

Explore our featured grants to find out about the best grant opportunities in Australia. 

You’ll find information on funding programs for a diverse range of organisations and industries including Manufacturing, Medical Technology, Recycling, Food and Beverage, Defence, and more.

Breakthrough Victoria Fund

Investment up to $40 million for startups, mature businesses and research institutions to commercialise impactful innovations that produce tangible benefits...

Learn More

Building Blocks Grants

Building Blocks is a kindergarten infrastructure strategy by the Victorian Government which offers grants to support the roll-out of Three-Year-Old...

Learn More

Discover the secrets to winning government grants
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Our in-depth eBook is the single most valuable resource you will find that helps small business owners to truly understand how to win government grants. 

Forget wasting time, energy and resources on half-baked, unsuccessful grant applications. 

Featuring 10 chapters and a wealth of knowledge from your grant expert, Steve Dowling, this guide will give you all the tools you need to succeed with grants.

1. Learn how to find the right grants for your business
2. Understand the critical success factors that can make or break your application
3. Get dozens of secret tips from a professional grant writer
4. Find out how to work with grants consultants—and what to look out for
5. Includes step-by-step guide to creating a winning grant submission

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Grants News

Get the latest news to stay in the loop with government grants. We post grant news, funding roundups, and in-depth guides that give you all the information you need to be ahead of the pack when a new opportunity arises.

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A few words from our clients


"Stephen brought the Medical Research Future Fund’s BioMedTech Horizons 3.0 program to our attention and helped us prepare our successful application resulting in A$1m of funding into BVT to further our Bionic Eye program. Stephen's approach was highly collaborative and I found him very easy to work with. I would certainly recommend him to others for this type of work"

Brian Gordon

Chief Technology Officer at Bionic Vision Technologies Pty Ltd

"Steve has been exceptionally thorough in crafting an accelerating commercialisation grant application for us, his attention to detail and ability to learn about our unique product offering to create a compelling application has been extremely valuable and helpful"

Shaun Phelan

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer at Visibuild Pty Ltd

"I have worked with Stephen on multiple projects and I highly recommend Stephen as a Grant Specialist. He is thorough, analytical, and concise and can understand business concepts and opportunities quickly. Stephen’s systems were easy to use and he kept the projects well organised and on time."

Anthony Meyer

Managing Director at Meyer Food Co. Pty Ltd

"We worked with Steve on multiple submissions and were successful on several occasions. Steve was quick to understand the business and present Macro’s ideas in plain English. Stephen was also willing to work after hours or the weekends to meet submission deadlines"

Anton Martynenko

Commercial Accountant at Macro Group Australia

“Steve provided a successful grant application outcome. Steve carefully explained the processes involved. Steve communicated clearly on requirements as he led us through the process. I highly recommend Steve as a very professional grant consultant”

Ben Isdale

CEO SuperSpecial Pty Ltd

“Steve's assistance in securing an RTIF grant of $1.5 million was thorough and relieved the pressure upon us significantly. He spent time with us to understand our business and our goals. He was detailed and well-organised in his approach of guiding us through the process to a successful result"

Natasha Holgate

Co-Owner Holgate Brewhouse Pty Ltd

“Steve spent time to fully understand our business and suggest how we should position writing the City of Melbourne Grant application to have the best chance of success. He was able to put our vision into compelling words which resulted in a significant Grant being offered. I highly recommend Steve”

Brian Goudsblom

CEO Monjon Pty Ltd

“Steve's knowledge in business, marketing and strategic planning far exceeds that of your average grant writer. I believe this experience in business and vast knowledge across all facets helps take the application to the next level. His laser focus on the job at hand and fanatical approach on data documentation, facts and figures also impressed me to no end. I'll be using him ongoing for any other applications we require without a doubt. Highly recommended”

Glenn Everitt

Co-Founder Lardner Park Motorfest Pty Ltd

Need Help Getting Government Grants?

Whether your business is new to grants, or you’ve received funding before—or you’ve made a submission that was unsuccessful, GrantHelper can help you.

We offer services that assist you with every step of the journey. Follow the links below to explore our range of grant consultant services.


Finding a Grant

Many business owners miss out on funding because they don’t know where to look, or they were late to the party.

Get GrantHelper to do all the searching for you so you never miss out again.


Applying for a Grant

Winning a grant usually takes a lot of time and effort. A winning submission may require more than 40 hours’ work!

Save time, remove the guesswork, and increase your chances of success—let our grant specialists handle your application.


Developing a Grant Strategy

If you want to leverage grants in your ongoing plans, you’ll need a strategy, think of it as your roadmap to grant success. 

Follow the link to learn more about how we can help develop a winning grants strategy for your business.

A profile picture of Steve Dowling

What's on my mind

Hi, I’m Steve Dowling – founder of GrantHelper. I’m a former champion of marketing and export business development turned business builder.

I do a lot of thinking and reading around grants, strategy, and funding. I send a monthly newsletter with what’s on my mind on this stuff.


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