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Who We Are

We simplify the complex grant application process, making it seamless and stress-free for you.

Meet your GrantHelper

Steve Dowling has more than 30 years’ experience working with businesses in Australia and internationally to help them grow revenues, deliver innovative projects, and build a prosperous future.

With over a decade of specialist experience in government grants, Steve understands the finer points of grantsmanship. 

He knows how to seek out and secure grants for great businesses that know they want funding, but don’t know how.

As a keen hiker, Steve has travelled to Nepal to take on some of the world’s most difficult terrain. He likens his work as a grant specialist to that of a Sherpa—a skilled guide who helps businesses to succeed in a challenging and competitive funding landscape.

GrantHelper Founder, Steve Dowling, standing on a hiking trail above a riverbed in Nepal
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What We Do - Our Service

GrantHelper offers an end-to-end service to get funding for your business, whatever stage of the journey you’re at.

As a business owner, life’s busy. And grants need a lot of work. Let us take all that time-eating grant work off your plate, and place it in our expert hands.

We’ll find the best grant for your business, write your application, and ensure your budget and all the fine details are presented just how the grantors want them to be.

Deep dive into our process

Want to find out more about how we get funding for businesses just like yours?
Discover our proven three-step process to see how GrantHelper helps you.


Step 1: Discovery


Step 2: Compose


Step 3: Submit

Our Philosophy

GrantHelper has worked with small businesses, medium and large-sized organisations, and long-established companies across all industries to assist them as their very own grant sherpa—guiding them through their grant application journey.

Our philosophy is grounded in the principles that shape our approach to helping businesses secure vital funding to propel growth – we tailor our service to your requirements.

We believe in fostering strong, transparent relationships with our clients, working collaboratively to achieve mutual success, and continuously leveraging our deep knowledge and our clients’ insights.

Here are the core values that define our approach to every client engagement.

Our work is always delivered with integrity and aligns with our clients’ best interests. We ensure clear and open communication, providing a straightforward approach with no hidden surprises.

We work in partnership with our clients to achieve success together. By partnering closely, we combine our expertise with your unique insights to maximise the impact of each grant application.

We bring a wealth of knowledge in government grants, but also understand that our clients’ insights are invaluable when it comes to business operations. This mutual integration of knowledge ensures we deliver compelling results.

No matter what stage of the grants journey your business is at, we can help you with your grant application project.

With more than a decade’s worth of specialisation in government grants, we know what the assessors are looking for, and how to present your business in its best light.

So, whether you’re completely new to the process, or you already have a grant in mind, you can have full confidence that you’re getting the best service from our expert grant consultants.

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What's on my mind

Hi, I’m Steve Dowling – founder of GrantHelper. I’m a former champion of marketing and export business development turned business builder.

I do a lot of thinking and reading around grants, strategy, and funding. I send a monthly newsletter with what’s on my mind on this stuff.


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