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Steve Dowling, Author at GrantHelper

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Steve Dowling

Steve Dowling is a grants consultant with over 10 years of specialist experience in helping businesses win government funding. After a long career in marketing, business strategy and international trade, he founded GrantHelper in 2020. He shares insights and expertise on grantsmanship which he has developed through working on hundreds of successful client submissions during the past decade. In his spare time, Steve is an avid hiker and has made numerous pilgrimages to Nepal where, with the help of expert sherpas, he has explored some of the world’s most treacherous mountainous landscapes.

Steve's Recommended Insights

Man wearing glasses smiling while looking at laptop

Are You Grant Ready

Grant Readiness is primarily about your organisation’s relevant capabilities and how convincingly you can demonstrate them within a business case.

Frustrated businessman

Why Grant Applications Fail

Discover the deep-seated reasons behind unsuccessful grant applications and unveil the strategies for turning setbacks into successful grant applications.

Young writer having a writer's block, feeling bored and uninspired in front of his computer

DIY Grants Pitfalls

Explore the benefits of hiring a specialist beyond time savings and consider the potential hidden costs of DIY.

A person using a typewriter

Working With a Grant Writer

Engaging a grant writer can increase your chances of submitting a compelling application. Read on to know our top tips.


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Hi, I’m Steve Dowling – founder of GrantHelper. I’m a former champion of marketing and export business development turned business builder.

I do a lot of thinking and reading around grants, strategy, and funding. I send a monthly newsletter with what’s on my mind on this stuff.


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