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Winning Grants Strategy

We take all the hard work and effort out of making a grant application, placing it in our expert hands



We start by getting to know your business and creating your tailor-made grant application.

First, we find your best grant opportunity—or assess your plans if you have a grant in mind. Then we get to work on your business case.



In step two, we compile all the required financial information and technical details. 

Then we develop clear and concise responses to every question, ensuring the responses meet all criteria, and everything is laid out just how the assessors would like it.



Before we submit, we conduct final checks and make a full review of your submission content to confirm that everything is as it should be. 

This final step can also include any post-submission reporting that needs to be made down the track.

Watch the video to find out how GrantHelper helps businesses like yours to plan and submit winning submissions that secure funding.

Every year, quality Australian businesses miss out on millions of dollars’ worth of government grants. 

That’s because just like you, most business owners are busy people. So they might not know how to find grants that could help their business. 

Or they might be unsure how to plan and coordinate their grant application. And for many business owners, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to develop a winning application.

GrantHelper has helped many Australian businesses, like yours, to win tens of millions of dollars in government grants. 

So, whether you have a small business that’s ready for its next growth phase, or your business is well placed to take on a larger grant, GrantHelper can help you to get ahead of your competition—and win.

We achieve this through our proven 3-step winning grants process: discovery, compose, and submit.

In step one, we get to know your business and ensure the best grant opportunities for you. Then we determine your application strategy.

In step two, we use our expertise to compose clear and concise grant responses that meet all requirements. We coordinate supporting documentation such as project and business plan, financials, and letters of support.

The final step is to review and ensure everything is in good order. At this stage, we refine your submission content to ensure a compelling grant application—and then we submit as early as possible and always before the deadline.

GrantHelper is the specialist in winning government grants. 

Save your time and resources, create a better grant application, and get your business ahead of the competition.

If you need help winning a grant, send an enquiry via the contact form on this site.

And for more information about how to win government grants, download our free eBook.

How do we do it

Though each grant program is different, the keys to success stay the same. It all starts with having a strategy—and a reliable process.

GrantHelper’s Winning Grants Process has three steps: Discovery, Compose, Submit.

Ever spent time applying for a grant, only to find out that your business isn’t eligible? With our proven application process, you won’t have to worry about wasting time and resources. At GrantHelper, we only suggest grants that your business has a real chance of winning.

Our process ensures that nothing gets missed, and that your business case presents a compelling cause for investment. Here’s how each step works.

We Collect Information:

Whether you already have a grant in mind, or you’re totally new to the whole thing, the discovery step is where we get to know your business and determine our plan of action

  • Finding and reviewing the most relevant grant opportunities for your business
  • Understanding your requirements and getting to know your business
  • Cost vs. benefit discussion of each grant opportunity
    Developing your business case
  • Ensuring your business meets all the eligibility criteria
  • Confirming your business has the resources to deliver the project

We Create Grant Responses:

Next, we gather all the important information we need, and we get to work on writing your application responses. In this step, we’ll work with you to ensure that all the mandatory information is supplied, then use our writing skills to craft a clear, compelling application

  • Compiling all necessary information including business & staff information
  • Writing detailed responses that meet all assessment criteria and include correct level of technical information
  • Compiling additional information, including business strategy, financial information, staff and supplier information
  • Developing your project plan, including a detailed budget
  • Determining your project timeline including all important milestones
  • Ensuring all questions are addressed fully, concisely, and clearly

We Collectively Review:

The final step is a thorough review of all your submission content. Missed details or poorly thought out responses can sink an application. We use this final step to ensure the necessary documentation is in place and all criteria have been met

  • Identifying and fixing any areas of weakness in your application, e.g. unclear or irrelevant information
  • Question-by-question review to ensure the best possible responses have been written
  • Confirming all supporting documentation is in order
  • Conducting final checks and adding finishing touches to ensure your submission makes a compelling case and meets all criteria
  • Making your submission as early as possible—always before the deadline


Everything you want to know about Government Grant Applications

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