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Innovation Booster Grant


Grants up to $40,000 to support eligible Western Australian-based startups and small businesses to help overcome barriers to commercialisation of their innovative ideas or projects.

What is Innovation Booster Grant funding?

Innovation Booster Grant (IBG) funding supports WA-based startups and small businesses improve their capability and commercialise their innovative ideas or projects, by undertaking in-house project work and/or collaborating with third-party service providers. It aims to help innovators to overcome some of the barriers to commercialisation.

IBG level of support


  • Maximum $40,000
  • Maximum 80% of total eligible costs


  • Minimum 20% of total eligible costs

IBG important dates

Although the IBG program is open all year round, there are various ‘cut-off dates’ when the latest submissions will be downloaded, and then assessed. The upcoming ‘cut-off dates’ are:

  • 11am (AWST), Thursday, 15 August 2024
  • 11am (AWST), Thursday, 17 October 2024 
  • Further ‘cut-off dates’ will be announced for the 2024/25 financial year.
  • Register your interest with GrantHelper.

IBG objectives

IBG funding assists WA-based startups and small business with

  • developing or enhancing products or services that are commercially ready, or to reach a commercial ready stage
  • developing prototypes, processes or systems that might attract additional investment and/or customers
  • addressing a technical problem that the business cannot solve themselves, or for which the solution is not readily available

Other IBG important details that you will need to know

To be eligible your business must:

  • be registered in WA and have an ABN and/or ACN
  • be developing an innovative project in WA
  • continue to be based in WA in the next three years
  • be a WA-based startup or small business that employs between one and 25 people
  • be solvent
  • be willing and have the financial capacity to meet the co-contribution requirement
  • confirm it will not use grant funds for ‘business as usual’ operational expenses
  • confirm that if it uses a service provider(s), it is an independent third party
  • confirm that the requested eligible expenditure is for services to be provided in the future
  • not have previously received or likely to receive Western Australian government funding for the same project/initiative
  • not have previously received an Innovation Booster Grant (previously called Innovation Vouchers Program) for the same project/initiative


Applicants may use up to three service providers, as long as the provider:

  • is a publicly funded, not-for-profit or privately-owned enterprise, for example:
    1. private sector firms
    2. private sector research organisations
    3. universities
    4. vocational education and training
    5. organisations
    6. ChemCentre
  • is based in WA (preferred)
  • provides a quotation for the project
  • is an independent third party (i.e. has no financial or other ties to your company)


See the guidelines for full details of applicant and service provider eligibility requirements.

Expenditure must be in one of the following four categories:

1. Research and Development

  • technical development
  • compliance testing
  • proof of concept
  • product testing and validation
  • laboratory verification
  • certification


2. Product Development

  • engineering design work
  • prototype development
  • innovation design
  • building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)


3. Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property

  • protection of intellectual property
  • legal advice
  • licensing


4. Commercialisation Support Services

  • innovation management and consulting
  • commercialisation strategies (including marketing strategies to support market entry)
  • commercialisation feasibility studies


Ineligible expenditure items are:

  • training courses
  • hardware and software purchases (for standard business purposes)
  • business and strategic planning
  • design and production of marketing or promotional materials or events (unless it can be demonstrated that this expenditure is focused on the commercialisation pathway)
  • ‘business as usual’ website development
  • maintenance and upkeep of facilities
  • any other general business/operational/business planning activities that are usual requirements of a business


See the guidelines for full details of eligible and ineligible expenditure.

1. Need for funding

  • the innovation provides a competitive solution to a market need
  • funding will directly meet the project’s funding needs
  • difficulties and gaps in funding requiring WA government support


2. Level of impact/change 

  • job creation and economic diversification benefits for WA
  • industry and end-user benefits


3. Capability and capacity

  • project team and service provider capability and capacity


4. Competitive advantage

  • market differentiation: cost benefits; product features; delivery; any other unique features


5. Collaboration

  • project team skills and experience
  • contribution from mentors, advisors and others
  • need for service provider and benefits of their engagement/collaboration


In addition to the evaluation criteria, applications are assessed on their alignment with the objectives of the New Industries Fund to:

  • stimulate the WA startup and small business sectors through the support of innovation initiatives
  • decrease the commercialisation gap
  • activate industry-government-research collaborations
  • increase research and development (R&D) investment into Western Australia
  • promote job creation and economic diversification in Western Australia


And alignment with the:

  • current WA government and JTSI priorities, policies and initiatives for innovation
  • the WA government’s Innovation Strategy (Western Australia: the place to innovate)
  • the level of funding sought by the applicant compared to how the application meets these criteria.


See the guidelines for full details of the evaluation criteria.

You should read and understand the guidelines.

You need to ensure you are eligible for the funding. Applicants that do not meet all the eligibility criteria outlined above will not be considered.

Successful applicants will demonstrate:

  • a commercially ready innovation project that aligns with the WA Government’s strategies and priorities
  • a project that can make a material difference and boost the performance of your business (such as building a Minimum Viable Product)
  • market differentiation and a competitive solution to a market need
  • the economic, industry and end-user benefits of the project
  • why the business has had difficulty in funding the entire project itself and requires WA Government funding support for the project to proceed
  • collaboration with mentors, advisors and others, and the level of benefit provided by any service providers
  • the necessary capacity, capability and resources, including co-contributions, to deliver the project in full within the agreed timeframe


All applicants must complete a Project Plan expenditure spreadsheet, which is available as a template on the grant website.

Applicants can attach up to two pictures or diagrams of their innovation with their application. This can include technical drawings, website screenshots, diagrams or photographs.

See the guidelines for full details of information requirements.

Applications are submitted online via the Innovation Booster Grant platform.

Register your interest here with GrantHelper to explore your alignment with this program and how we can assist you to increase your chances of success.

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