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Quantum and Advanced Technologies Talent Building Program


Grants of up to $3 million to support and boost Queensland’s quantum and advanced tech talent, increase diversity, train new researchers, and enhance academia-industry collaboration.

What is the Quantum and Advanced Technologies Talent Building Program?

The Quantum and Advanced Technologies Talent Building Program (QATTBP) aims to build the talent pipeline for the quantum and advanced technologies ecosystem in Queensland. It focuses on increasing participation among underrepresented groups, fostering new generations of researchers, and enhancing collaboration between academia and industry.

QATTBP level of support

The program provides significant funding through the Queensland Quantum and Advanced Technologies Strategy:

  • $3 million for the Innovation PhD program
  • $1 million for the STEM education and employment pathways program

Various awards are available, such as:

  • PhD stipends for international students who identify as women or non-binary.
  • Top-up scholarships for students with existing PhD stipends.
  • Postgraduate pipeline scholarships for Honours or Masters degree students.
  • Cross-disciplinary PhD collaboration incentive awards.
  • Carer’s allowance to support students with caring responsibilities.

QATTBP important dates

QATTBP objectives

The objectives of the program are to:

  • Enhance the participation of students in quantum and advanced technologies, especially women, non-binary individuals, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and those from regional areas.
  • Train PhD students to become leading researchers in quantum technologies.
  • Develop skills and capabilities in various technological fields.
  • Improve skills for translating research into commercial applications.
  • Promote collaboration between academic institutions and industry.

Projects eligible for QATTBP support

Eligible projects include:

  • Research and development in quantum and advanced technologies.
  • Projects aimed at improving commercialisation and translation skills.
  • Cross-disciplinary projects that can benefit from partnerships with quantum and advanced technology sectors.

See the guidelines for full details of projects eligible for QATTBP support.

Other QATTBP important details that you will need to know

Only Queensland-based universities can apply for this program.

Applications will be assessed based on:

  • Alignment with program objectives.
  • Potential impact on participation and skill-building in quantum technologies.
  • Contribution to technological capabilities and commercialisation.
  • Degree of collaboration with industry and academic partners.


See the guidelines for full details of the assessment criteria.

Applicants must:

  • Read and understand the guidelines.
  • Ensure eligibility for the funding. Applicants that do not meet all the eligibility criteria will not be considered.
  • Deliver the project as outlined in the application.
  • Provide complete information requirements.


Applications should detail the number and types of awards they wish to administer.

Applicants need to prepare:

  • Detailed project proposals with objectives and expected outcomes.
  • Budget and funding requirements.
  • Collaboration plans with industry or academic partners.
  • Strategies for promoting diversity and inclusion.


See the guidelines for full details of information requirements.

Eligible universities must submit their applications to the Department of Environment, Science and Innovation, Queensland.

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QATTBP resources

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